How To Pack Board Games When Moving

Even though this is an era of high tech 3D video games, board games have their own significance. Many people love board games and take pride in playing. Many of you may be called as master of some board games. Therefore, its fairly safe to say that theres hardly a household without a few board games stacked up somewhere regardless of whether there are any young children in the house or not. When you are moving, you want to keep these games safe with all that chaos going on. Board games come in their own boxes so the first thought come to mind is that they are already protected enough and should just be loaded as they are into the moving vehicle. However, in reality things are not as simple as they seem, so you will need to add some extra protection to keep your board games from being damaged during the move.

Sort out
First step to pack anything is to sort out. Take a good look at your board games and see if there are any games at all that are not worth packing and moving to the new place. Make three piles of your board games.
Interest: If you have lost all interest in a specific game and you cannot really see yourself playing it in the future, then there is really no point in taking it with you to the new home.

Missing pieces: A game with Missing pieces has no use.
Insufficient storage space: Downsizing may force you to leave behind some of the board games.

After you have handled the sorting your board games. Here are few get rid of the of extra ones. ideas.

SELL. If a board game is in good condition then you should try to sell it. Selling board games online is easy or you can also sell in the pre-move sale.

GIFT. You can gift these games to the people who like them. This includes kids and adults both.

DONATE. The noblest thing you can do is to donate the board games to local kindergartens, childcare, and various charities.

Packing supplies
You will need these packing supplies.
Strong and big cardboard boxes
Soft packing paper
Sheets of bubble wrap
A roll of plastic wrap
Packing tape

SECURE the game components
You have to open each game box to assess how secure the game elements. Some board games will have separate compartments for the individual game components. In that case, place a couple of sheets of soft packing paper on top for added protection and close back the box. For other board games place bubble wrap on top to fill in the empty space and prevent the pieces from moving around the box. Do not forget to remove those bubble wrap pieces from inside the games after the move. For expensive and valuable board games without dedicated compartments for the pieces, you should wrap each individual piece in soft packing paper for extra protection.

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