5 Reasons You May Need To Remove A Backyard Tree

Trees make a wonderful addition to any backyard. Not only do they offer shade but also provide privacy, as well as looking beautiful. Plus, of course, they are wonderful for the environment. But just like other plants in your garden, they need to be cared for. If not, you could end up having to spend time and money having the tree removed. There are several reasons you may need to remove a backyard tree. Removing such trees won’t only protect the rest of the plants in your garden, but your home as well. So what are the reasons you may need to remove a backyard tree?

1 – A Place For Pests To Thrive

Normally when bees, wasps or beetles make a tree their home, it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. However, if the tree in question is close to your home, then the chances of these pests infesting your home are greatly increased. As soon as you begin to notice any pests have taken up permanent residence in your tree, you should consider getting rid of them.

2 – Can Spread Infectious Diseases

Several infectious diseases grow on trees that could prove detrimental to the rest of your garden. The kinds of diseases that can lead to other issues especially for other trees close by are chlorosis, powdery mildew and white pine blister rust. The problem with some tree diseases is that they are highly contagious and can spread quickly throughout your backyard.

3 – Threat To People And Other Nearby Properties

On larger trees the branches will be heavy and if the tree is dying or dead, it needs to be removed quickly. If not, the chances of these heavy branches breaking and falling to the ground are greatly increased. If not removed quickly, not only could they cause damage to other properties close by but also to anyone who happens to be close by.

4 – Doesn’t Look Appealing

Dead or dying trees don’t look as attractive as they have in the past. Not only does this detract from the beauty of the rest of your backyard, it could also impact on the value of your home.

5 – Damage To Your Decking

If you have a tree that is providing shade over your decking may seem wonder in the summer, but can lead to other issues later on. For example, the tree canopy actually will prevent the decking from drying out properly. As a result of this, the wood will soon begin to deteriorate as moisture is allowed to accumulate on its surface. Plus, of course, you’ll have to spend a great deal of time during the winter and autumn months having to remove fallen leaves and branches to prevent any further damage being caused to the decking in your backyard.

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