6 Things You Can You Clean With A Pressure Cleaner

Whether you are looking to sell your house or just doing the regular spring cleaning, pressure cleaning is always a great idea. It is the best device to remove years of dirt around the house. Pressure cleaners are a great way to clean a variety of surfaces. With the right pressure, they are used to remove dirt such as mud, mold, mildew, and grease from any surfaces.

1 – Cleaning Fences

You can pressure clean fences made of materials such as wood, vinyl, colorbond, iron and even masonry walls that have been through a rough couple of years. However, caution should be taken to the amount of pressure often measured in psi (pound per square inch) you use. Very high pressure will damage the material being cleaned- soft wood will splinter easily. Vinyl, iron and hardwood can withstand high pressure.

2 – The Driveway

Muddy shoes, dust, leaked automotive fluids are some of the substances that make your driveway unpleasant. Frequently cleaning your driveway gives your house a curb appeal. Pressure cleaners offer a fast and effective way to remove the dirt from your drive way. The high pressure will remove dirt from the hard to reach areas.

3 – The Garage

Your garage accumulates dust, dirt and grease especially if you spend a considerable about of time in it. When you finally decide to clean it, a pressure cleaner comes in handy. It is highly effective for cleaning the walls, floors, even the ceiling (provided it cannot be damaged by water) if you feel up to it.

4 – Outdoor Furniture

If you dont have the space to store your outdoor furniture in the garage or a shed over the winter, come springtime it’s bound to look a little rough. Before barbecue season kicks into gear, reinvigorate your patio furniture with a pressure-washing at a low settingand be sure to test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure you dont damage the surface.

5 – Trash Cans

Physically cleaning trash cans is difficult. They are deep and effectiely cleaning the deepest corners by hand is not guaranteed. The smell and slyminess of a trashcans interiror is greatly offputting. A pressure cleaner is will make a dreadful chore quick and easy to do. To get optimum results, intergrate the use of brushes, detergent and the pressure cleaner.

6 – The Deck

An attractive deck will amp up your home’s curb appeal. As the years pile up, standard routine cleaning with ordinary tools prove to be inadequate. It gets to a point where you cannot remember how your deck looked like when it was new. Power cleaning (use pressure between 500 to 1200 psi depending on the strength of the wood) will bring it back to life in an instant!

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