What Affects The Cost Of A Roof Restoration?

When it comes to roof restoration to your home, you must get several quotes for this work. As you take a look through the quotes, you’ve received, you need to understand what affects the cost of such work. There are several different factors that will affect just how much the work that needs to be carried out is going to cost. To help you, we look at the key factors that affect the cost of a roof restoration.

Factor 1 – Roof Size

A professional roofer will take precise measurements of the roof on your home. So of course the larger the roof this will mean that the cost to restore it will be much greater.

Factor 2 – Roof Pitch And Slope

The pitch of any roof is one of the most important factors that will affect how much the restoration work is going to cost. If the roof has a very steep pitch to it and makes walking on it difficult means that more scaffolding and staging will be required. A roof that is over 6:12 pitch is considered being very steep.

Factor 3 – Condition Of The Roof

The condition of the roof is also a factor that will have a big effect on how much the work is going to end up costing. If the roof on your home hasn’t been properly maintained, then of course more work will need to be carried out to prepare it for the restoration work to begin. Not only does it take hours to carry out, but also can prove very difficult to do.

Factor 4 – Roof Type

What kind of roof is on your home is going to affect how much the restoration costs will be? Whether the roof is flat or sloped, it is going to be the factor that is going to determine how much the work will cost. But it isn’t only the shape of the roof that affects the cost the materials needed to make the repairs will affect the price. If your roof is covered in shingles or tiles, both can have a big effect on what the final restoration costs will be. The price of work can vary from $800 per square feet to $1,800 per square feet.

Factor 5 – Are Roofing Permits Needed

Where you live can affect how much the roof restoration work is going to cost. The roofing contractor may by law need to have these permits in place before work can begin. In some areas the local council may charge a flat rate for such permits, but in others how much the permit costs depends on the size or value of the home.

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