Should You Buy A Pedestal Sump Pump Or A Submersible Sump Pump?

For anyone in the market to buy a new sump pump, there are already enough challenges and comparisons that must be done before finding the best one. The last thing anyone needs to wonder about is whether or not to get a pedestal sump pump or a submersible sump pump. If you are like most people, you have already discovered that the debate is covered quite a bit online, but here is essentially what you need to know to make a faster decision.

The Difference Between Pedestals and Submersibles can be explained in the following way. A pedestal sump pump sits well above the sump pit as the name implies. The submersible types have impellers and motors that are underwater and the unit itself rests in the pit, making them more quiet to operate than the pedestal pumps. Generally, residential customers will want to choose the submersible sump pumps because of how quiet they operate. In the past, many residential customers used pedestal sump pumps, but todays construction makes submersibles the most convenient type to buy. If you have a pit that will accommodate the submersible, you might just want to stop reading and start comparing models. If you are still not quite sure which type is right for you, here is more information about the differences between the two types. If your pit is narrow and you are replacing an existing pedestal sump pump, your best option will be to get another pedestal pump. This is not an absolute rule. If your pit allows for it, you could opt for the submersible type. If you have any solids in the pit, though, you should get a submersible pump. Dont forget that submersible pumps are also a lot quieter to use. Pedestal motors are located at the end of a long shaft and sit above water, so they make more noise. If noise is a concern for you, submersibles are the best option as long as your pit can accommodate them. If money is your main concern, pedestals are the most economical option of the two.

Installation of the submersible or pedestal entails the following. A pedestal can be installed rather easily by following package directions. However, if new ground must be broken for its installation, you will want to hire a professional. Permits may be needed, too. Submersibles are trickier because they have to be positioned so that the inlets are not blocked in any way. You also need to be sure it is covered properly to allow water to flow freely without letting any debris get into the pit. Because both types are connected to an electrical source, unless they are battery operated, you really must hire a professional to install them for you, especially if you have never installed on before. The risk of getting electrocuted is high when you are working with electricity that is in close proximity to water. Only a professional has the skills, tools and training to install the sump pump properly and safely.

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