How Do You Go About Installing Clay Tile Roofing?

The popularity of tile roofing that has been made from clay is because the beauty aesthetic they bring to a home is more in tune with the Mediterranean style.

The first thing that you need to take note of when you are looking into putting up clay tile roofing is ensuring that your houses roof slope has been made in such a manner that tile roofing is possible. For you to fit in the clay roofing properly, the roofing slope has to be nothing less than 20 degrees so that when they are fixed, they can lie the way they should. The framework of your rood must also be level, and you must make sure to take careful measurements to ensure this. If you find the framework isnt level or at the angle that you want, you must have it fixed first before proceeding with clay tile roofing.

The material that you will use in your framework that will fall below the clay tile roofing is also very important. This is called the roofing underlay, and when you use the correct one, it drastically increases the lifetime of your tile roofing. You have to make sure that the underlay you use for your clay tile roofing is asphalt and also that it has been put in properly on the framework.

There are a lot of types of clay tile roofing , and you should look into the one that will work best with your house. The type of clay tile roofing that you will use will be affected by where you are located and the kind of weather that you receive in the area. Some of the types of roofing tile made out of clay that you can use include pantiles, Roman tiles, and plain tiles of the slate tiles.

After you have all the above looked into, you need to make sure that you have installed the clay tiles properly. You need to make sure that the clay tile roofing has been placed correctly on the framework on top of the overlay with the crown facing up and that the tile has been centered properly. You then have to add some motor underneath to ensure that the tile has been provided with enough support. When you are installing the next tile, make sure that it just lies on top of the inner end of the previous clay tile roofing.

You should then proceed to nail the tiles as you go properly so that they are properly fixed on the batten. To proceed, on the opposite end, install tiles as you did the first just at the ridge. To be sure you have the correct number of tiles, you should measure accurately the distance that is between the ridge and the tiles that you fixed. You should then subtract exactly 16 inches from the measurement you get and then divide it by 8. You should always start at the end of the ridge and make sure to install them while heading towards the center.

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