Common Warning Signs Of Roof Damage

In some cases, your roof may simply reach its end, and there is nothing more than you can be able to do other than have it replaced. It may also be looking completely worn out and what you may simply be doing is a kind of preventive maintenance so that you can be able to prevent any serious damage from taking place. However, it is essential for you to to keep in mind that if you end up delaying replacing your already worn out roof, then you are more likely to end up suffering from more serious damage. Your entire roofing system is very important since it is the one that ensures that both you and your family are able to have a 24 hour kind of protection at all times. Due to this, your roof is normally put under different scenarios and different weather conditions which if it is in good shape, it should be able to survive. One of the most common mistakes that most homeowners tend to do is not to take the time to do a thorough roof inspection so as to ensure that it is in good shape. Even if they take the initiative to do so, they normally have no idea of the red flags that they need to be looking for. The common warning signs include:

Bare Spots
Bare spots are the small rock looking particles better known as granules. These granules are very important since they are typically made of asphalt, and their main purpose is to ensure that the shingles are well protected from any kind of UV rays. These granules are also very important since they are the ones who also give your roof a beautiful appearance. It is very natural for your granules to start coming off. However, if these happen it may be a sure sign that you need to replace your roofing system. Checking your downspouts and gutters is one of the sure ways in which you can be able to determine if your roof has a problem or not.

Shingles which are curling
When your shingles start to curl up, chances are high that you may start experiencing a roof leak mainly because of the wind gust. Another thing that may happen is that moss may start growing underneath your shingles which in turn is going to end up lifting them up. Once this happens, the wind is now what is going to start lifting it up. When they are lifted up, this normally causes them to brittle meaning that they can end up breaking easily. When you find that your shingles are curled up, you may need to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Missing or broken shingles
As mentioned earlier, your shingles may end up ben damaged by strong winds, heavy rain or hail damage. If you have shingles that are either missing or broken, then it is important for you to have them replaced as soon as possible.

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